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SINCE 1981

A modern and flexible trading company

In the heart of Monaco and Ningbo

Italy – In the early 1970s, Marco and Massimo Barbaranelli, two young brothers who are entrepreneurs at heart decide to launch into the marketing of Italian products.

The companyEurimpex SAM has taken off in 1981, around stationery products for school supplies. Since 1985, Eurimpex enters supermarket chains and develops the first stationery products MDD. The major players in the sector will be seduced by this idea and the product ranges will diversify more and more, to give the result that we know today: more than 3000 references at your disposal in our catalog, for stationery and school luggage as well as office supplies.

In 2001, the company MDD SAM is created and responds to the ever-growing demand in our area of expertise.

Nowadays, grouped under the acronym Eurimpex MDD, the two companies work together to meet the needs and expectations of our customers as closely as possible.

Specializing in the distribution of brands and distributor products in the school and office supplies world, our company has offered a complete range of products and services since 1972. We have a privileged location for the supply of products with a high level competitive and qualitative service.

  • Italy – At the beginning of the 1970s, Marco and Massimo Barbaranelli, two young entrepreneurial brothers at heart, decided to launch into the sale of Italian products.

    The beginnings

    Start of Eurimpex's activity as a representative of Italian manufacturers on the African market.


    Creation of Eurimpex SAM

    Specialization in the world of stationery and office supplies.


    First own brand

    Change of the company's core activity to the design of brands for signs.


    Opening of our logistics

    Creation of a platform that can deliver to any distributor in Europe.


    Creation of MDD S.A.M.

    Start of distribution activities and diversification into other product categories.


    Implementation of the ISO9001 standard

    With a search for optimization of the group's efficiency.


    Evolution in shareholding

    Alessandro Barbaranelli becomes general director of the group.


    Creation of a marketing center

    Vertical integration of services.

    Establishment of a management committee.


    Launch of a new ERP

    Creation of services and products with an environmental vocation.

    Development of global sales outside the EU

    AMFORI Membership


    Opening of offices in Ningbo.

    Obtaining FSC certification.


    Development of new categories such as paper, armchairs, disposable tableware or hygiene.


    New CSR strategy with the Ecovadis evaluation.


    Integration of artificial intelligence into the group's processes and tools.


  • The idea of developing own brands for mass retail brands, at a time when no one believed in it, was the main driving force of my career. The vocation to create the best product for a third party, as if it were for my own brand, has confirmed the success we experience today with the brands of many distributors.

    Nowadays, many companies and personalities have built their success thanks to this idea. This vision was supported by my total involvement in each project. By creating a 100% successful product, a brand becomes a great brand.

    I have the enormous chance to work with my son Alessandro and my daughter Claudia who embody the values that I have always wanted to transmit, to remain a family business in a rapidly changing society. This gives me the strength and serenity to believe in our teams and in what we do every day.

    These companies are the result of significant commitment and vision. This site presents the result of several years of work and innovations. Years which will, I hope, give impetus to the following ones.

    Marco Barbaranelli

    I have the great pleasure of launching the first website presenting our two companies Eurimpex and MDD.

    I undertook to take over the family business with the objective of perpetuating these two beautiful structures which are the fruit of my father's work. During this handover, we want to preserve the company's assets, support its development, while providing it with real flexibility.

    The synergy created between our companies and our employees allows us to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.

    Our longevity lies in a clear vision of the French and European market as well as the expertise of the private label products that we offer. Our commitment to our customers is part of a quality approach which is both a management tool and continuous improvement of our results.

    I hope that through this site, you will get to know us better.

    Alessandro Barbaranelli

  • Already in the Lower Paleolithic, 300,000 years ago, our ancestors found Monaco to their liking. This craze has not been denied since!

    Inserted in the heart of the Riviera, the Principality has been governed since 1297 by the Grimaldi family. Nowadays, S.A.S. Albert II and his wife Princess Charleneembody the stability of a thriving economic and financial center.

    The glamorous image of the Principality must not make us forget its importance in the economic fabric of the region. The Principality employs more than 50,000 employeeswhich testify to the good entrepreneurial health of the Monegasque territory.

    The neighborhoodFontvieille where our premises are located was reclaimed from the sea in 1971. It is the most industrial part of Monaco, also famous for its stadium and its sports infrastructures.

    Our offices1000 square meters are located at Thales. Overlooking the sea and bathed in light, they are part of a group of several buildings including workshops and offices.

    The future commitments of our Prince in terms of economic development and the environment still portend good days ahead the Principality. As a Monegasque company, we want to be involved in these projects.

Our DNA, customer satisfaction

Product quality and safety are our top priority.

Every day, our team of engineers ensures that our products and service meet our customers' most stringent requirements. And this, thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing expertise and the most rigorous quality control system.

Our goal is to develop efficient but also ethical products and services. We follow strict sourcing and auditing processes, which allows us to select safe, high-quality factories and products. 

In particular, we define technical prerequisites in terms of traceability, social and environmental regulations; technical and performance characteristics for the products.

1,500 product analyzes are carried out each year internally and in accredited laboratories.

100% of our suppliers of sensitive products are audited to be referenced.

All our products are designed according to the strictest quality and safety standards. Before leaving its manufacturing site, each product passes a conformity test, so it can be used in complete safety.

To ensure that our products are manufactured in compliance with ethical rules and fundamental workers' rights, we support our manufacturing partners in implementing SA 8000 or BSCI certifications.

Constantly seeking excellence in product safety and quality, as well as customer satisfaction, our quality management system is based on the ISO 9001 and IFS Broker standards.

Our engagements


Our experience in the field of stationery allows us to evaluate and provide an adequate response to all your requests. Our vision of the market and our sense of innovation transform your ideas into reality.

The quality

Our first requirement for our products aimed at children and “office” customers. Our products, beyond regulatory requirements, must meet the quality requirements of our customers and consumers.

The availability

Our presence alongside our customers is our daily priority. We are a team at their disposal. Our customer service is available to respond as quickly as possible.

Sales Administration

Efficient management of transactions and order tracking for a smooth customer experience.

Leaflet analysis

Accurate evaluation of promotional materials to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns.

Product analysis

In-depth study of the articles to guarantee a diversified offer adapted to the needs of the market.

Marketing analysis

Personalized marketing strategies to optimize product visibility and drive sales.

Customer support

Dedicated support ensuring smooth communication and rapid resolution of customer issues.

Manufacturer support

Support for manufacturers to ensure the quality and conformity of the products distributed.

Complete assortment

Careful selection of products to create a varied range that meets consumer expectations.

IT connectivity

Advanced IT systems integration for seamless operations management.


Support at each stage of your purchasing process, adaptation to your Incoterms, continuous monitoring of the completion of your project.

Market expertise

In-depth market analysis to anticipate trends and adjust the offer accordingly.


Simplification of operational processes for effective collaboration between partners.


Rigorous selection of products to guarantee exceptional quality.


Assurance of the quality of distributed products, strengthening the trust of partners and consumers.

Great import

Pioneers in global importing for two decades, we control all supply chain flows, allowing volume imports synonymous with economies of scale.


Efficient organization of transport and distribution for punctual delivery.


Highlighting products in store to maximize their attractiveness and visibility.

Packaging & design

Careful design of packaging to reinforce visual identity and perceived quality.

Manufacturer management

Proactive coordination with manufacturers to ensure optimal production.

International presence

Expanding distribution globally for wider reach.

Custom products

Customization of products and packaging thanks to our expertise in industrial design.

Quality Control

A team of 5 quality engineers supports our factories in the performance of their production tools, both socially and environmentally.

Price statements

Accurately track market prices to adjust pricing and stay competitive.

Turnkey service

Complete solutions for peace of mind.

On-demand service

Quick response to specific customer requests for maximum satisfaction.


Our offices based in Monaco and Ningbo have dedicated showrooms covering all the shelves of the main players in the B2B and B2C stationery market.


Our team, based in Southeast Asia, identifies the most competitive factories to meet your market.

Promotional strategy

Proactive planning of promotions to drive sales and build customer loyalty

Factory tour

Direct inspection of manufacturing sites to ensure product quality.

Point of sale visits

On-site assessment to optimize in-store product layout.


We advise you on the layout of your store shelves and the assortment of your products.

Salons professionnels

Participation in sectoral events to stay informed of the latest innovations.