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Our commitments

Our values


Our experience in the field of stationery allows us to evaluate and to give an adequate reply to all your questions and requests. Our vision of the market and our constant search of innovation transform your ideas into real products.


Our first and most important requirement for our products which are destined to children and to stationery items. Our products, beyond regulatory requirements, must meet the quality requirements of our customers and the consumers.


Our presence alongside our customers is our daily priority. We are a team at their disposal. Our customer service is ready to respond in the shortest possible time.

Our DNA, customer satisfaction

Product quality and safety are our top priority.

Every day, our engineering team ensures that our products and service meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. This is thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing expertise and a rigorous quality control system.

Our goal is to develop high-performance but still ethical products and services. We respect strict sourcing and auditing processes, which allows us to select high quality, safe factories and products. In particular, we define technical prerequisites for traceability, social and environmental regulations; technical and performance characteristics for the products.

1,500 product analyzes are carried out each year internally and in accredited laboratories.

100% of our suppliers of sensitive products are audited to be referenced.


All our products are designed according to the highest quality and safety standards. Before leaving the manufacturing site, each product passes a compliance test, so it can be used safely.

To ensure that our products are manufactured in compliance with the rules of ethics and the fundamental rights of workers, we support our manufacturing partners in the implementation of SA 8000 or BSCI certifications.

In the constant quest for excellence in product safety and quality, as well as customer satisfaction, our quality management system is based on ISO 9001 and IFS Broker standards.

To limit our environmental impact

We support our manufacturing partners in the implementation of their sustainable development plan and encourage them towards ISO 14001 or BEPI certification procedures.

The supplier must at least comply with the applicable national laws and regulations related to the protection of the environment.

Since our products are Eco-designed, environmental aspects are integrated from the design stage and then into the development stage, with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts throughout their life cycles.

For example, wood products are made from wood from sustainably managed forests.

Conscious of the importance of recycling waste, sorting instructions are placed on packaging to make consumers aware of the right actions.

We are also Eco-Emballages members, which allows us to participate in the financing of the recycling circuit and thus contribute to the preservation of natural resources, limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and economy of energy.

We also use all our supply chain expertise to optimize our transportation flows, whether it be our supplies or our deliveries.