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A word from directors

The idea of developing private labels for the brands of the big supermarket chains, at a time when nobody believed in it, has been the principal motor of my career. The vocation to create the best product for a third party, as if for my own brand, has established our success with the brands of manifold distributors.

Nowadays, many companies and personalities have built the success of their brand thanks to this idea. This vision has been supported by my complete involvement for each project. By creating a 100% successful product, the company name becomes a great brand.

I have the wonderful opportunity to work with my son Alessandro and my daughters Claudia and Jessica who materialize the values that I have always wanted to transmit, to remain a family company within a society that is constantly changing. This gives me the power and the peace of mind to believe in our teams and in what we do every day.

These companies are the result of an important commitment and a vision. This website exposes the result of several years of work and innovations. Years, which I trust will provide the necessary impulse for the next ones to come.

Marco Barbaranelli

I have the great pleasure of launching our two companies’ first website, Eurimpex and MDD.

I undertook to take over the family business with the objective of perpetuating these two beautiful structures which are the result of my Father’s work. During this handover, we want to preserve the assets of the company, carry on its development, while providing real flexibility.

The synergy created between our companies and our employees allows us to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.

Our longevity lies in a clear vision of the French and European market as well as in the expertise of the private label products we offer. Our commitment to our customers is part of a quality approach that is both a management tool and continuous improvement of our results.

I hope that through this website, you will get to know us better.

Alessandro Barbaranelli